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My jewelry inspired by the " Story of O"

My "Shop der O" ( the place the "O" probably would shop ;-)) wants to offer to you my complete range of Story-of-O-rings and other erotic jewelry, which had been inspired by Pauline Reage´s novel "the story of O"


bis Gr. 68: 59.- Euro ab Gr. 69: 67.- Euro

The story of O ring is a simple ring band with a little loop on its top.
In this form the ring was given in Just Jaeckin´s film "story of O" to the female hero "O" to show her complete submission.

Since some years this form of ring has been recognized within all over Europe as a symbol for BDSM, S/M or fetish lovers ...

...worn on the right hand meaning to be ready to deliver oneself into the hands of the loved one ....
...worn on the left hand meaning to be ready to dominate and guide the partner who has delivered himself to the wearer

In my goldsmith studio in Cologne, Germany, I create quite a number of different handcrafted pieces of jewelry made of precious metals like silver, gold, platinum and more uncommon materials like titanium, surcical steel, meteorite metal, mammouth ivory, etc.etc. ... which are intended to work as symbol-jewelry for BDSM, bondage and fetish lovers.

Grob gehämmerte Ausführung

mit Siegelplatte

Body-adornment as means of communication: ... to disclose in a coded way your innermost desires ... to start conversations ... to find a new partner ... to demonstrate togetherness ...

Some are small and inconspicuous, giving clues to be discovered, and others are large and eye-catching.
They are thereby for their wearer a visible identifying mark ... rather statement than suggestion...

jewelry and body-adornments with which you can reveal your sexual preferences either, as you like, in a discreet and reticent or in an obvious unmistakable manner. That way you can express yourself and be recognized by BDSM scene insiders.

Quite a lot of different influences, thoughts and connotations are merged together to build my jewelry:

Most of my designs are inspired by Pauline Reage's novel "Story of O" and by other symbol systems of the SM and fetish scene, e.g. the "hanky code" of the American gay scene, the American BDSM emblem project from quagmyr and many other signs/symbols/ emblems which are used by insiders around the world...